Why You Need To Upgrade Your Internet Connection and Gadget during the New Lockdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic graphically highlighted the importance of digital networks and service channels. Just two decades ago: a sluggish internet, and (because of that) nothing like Zoom or Netflix seamed feasible.

Digital networks that carry the internet to our homes, and the utilities that operate on those networks, have shifted from being an ancillary “nice to have” to something fundamental to business activity and our everyday lives.

For those privileged enough to have meaningful access, the Internet is a vital connection to the knowledge that helps us keep our families healthy and secure during this global health crisis. With social distancing steps the latest norm across the globe, we’re living our lives online. From online education to working remotely, live-streamed worship services—including weddings and funerals—the network links us to loved ones in this time of physical isolation.

In the blink of an eye, your internet connection has become an umbilical to the outside world. We now depend on it as more of us are now working from home, to further our education, and to connect with other people. Furthermore, it is now our primary source of entertainment. And we’re using it at much higher levels than ever before.

Increased Usage

Web traffic rose by about a quarter in several metropolitan areas between January and late March, according to Cloudflare, a US company that offers network infrastructure to large enterprises. In particular, demand for such online services has soared. Video calls have replaced face-to-face encounters with bosses, family and acquaintances alike. More people began using the Zoom video conferencing app in the first two months of 2020 than in all of 2019. Stay-at-home television is booming, too. Record numbers of people use Steam, a popular online PC game store. At one point this weekend, more than 24 million players were logging in at the same time, a 25% leap since February. And online grocery stores are unable to cope with an increase in sales, with consumers waiting for tens of thousands of people in virtual lines for hours.

So how’s the internet dealing with the most massive wave of use in its history? There are clear signs of strain: Wi-Fi that slows to crawl, websites that won’t open, video calls that have been cut off abruptly. But amid these strange hiccups, the internet is doing just fine. In reality, the crisis of the Covid-19 is triggering the biggest expansion in years. Anecdotally, the internet struggles to keep up with the evolving situation, the more we use the internet, the more we find certain glitches. As well as using the Internet more often, we still use it at varying times and in different locations. Instead of a post-work high at 7:30 p.m., there’s now a peak right before lunch, it’s not clear why, so it could be late in the morning because a lot of people are in virtual meetings or classrooms.

Now is the time to upgrade

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