4 Essential Gears to Upgrade Your Geeky Home Office

A household, where there are two or three adults who need accommodation and a place to work from, is forced to set up home-offices in a place that has never been catered for such use. Put in kids who now require their home-based learning area, and instantly, even a 5-room HDB flat becomes too crowded.
Still, you should be crafting and set up a decent home office. However, it can be daunting, with thousands of possible things to store in your home office.
How can you choose the necessary equipment for building your home office?

Here is our list of the top and most essential gears every home-based worker needs:

1- Computer: For your home office, a laptop is perfect:

For a device to operate from home, Apple’s new 16′ MacBook Pro is the preferred option. It’s a fast notebook and durable and can cope with the best desktop computers. However, it also allows you the flexibility to move from time to time away from your desk and work from your couch, on your townhouse or balcony if you like to.

2- Desk: a tidy and stylish desk for working from home:

People want something simple and minimalistic for a home office desk, with enough space to set up a desktop and a display. The choice goes for standing desks with an electrical device that can be quickly adjusted. The 71-in-size Apex Desk Elite Collection is an Amazon bestseller. With an electric height switch, anytime you want to spread your legs, you can quickly turn it into a standing desk.

3- Office chair: the secret to comfort and ergonomics

A chair to protect your back and avoid long-term injuries, is worth investing in. Herman Miller’s high-end office chair brand is our favourite. One of their best prototypes is the Embody Chair. When seated at your desk, it will make you comfortable for hours. Also, it’s available in a range number of colours to match your home office setup.

4- Keyboard: Accelerate your texting

For remote job efficiency, a convenient keyboard is a complete necessity. If you are on a Mac, our favourite choice is the portable Apple Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad. To match your laptop colour, it comes in Space Gray or Silver. If you are a PC user, you can use the ergonomic Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Keyboard to upgrade your station.

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