Which Housing Markets in Texas Are Hot Right Now?

If you are planning a move to Texas, you are probably trying to keep tabs on what the housing market is like in the cities you are considering. Housing markets are hot in cities that people are moving to, so there must be something there drawing people in.

Taking a look at the house valuation in the Lonestar State will give you an idea of the popular cities, and these are the cities you may be interested in for a move. As you keep your eye on the market, be sure to check out these cities with the hottest housing markets in Texas:


Austin was previously the hottest housing market in the whole country. It has recently dropped down a few spots, but it is still super hot in Austin as far as housing goes. Austin is the capital of the state and home to the University of Texas’ main campus. 

Austin is known for its live music scene, so if you like country or blues, you will have your choice of venues in Austin. Austin also draws in lovers of the outdoors with its many green spaces, parks, and lakes. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the city, including hiking, biking, and even boating. If this hot housing market sounds like a dream come true for you, head down to Austin.

San Antonio

While the housing market in Austin may be cooling every so slightly, the market in San Antonio is blazing white hot. San Antonio is located in southern central Texas, and is probably best known for being home to The Alamo, which was once a Spanish mission and site of a major battle for Texas’ independence from Mexico and is now a museum.

Residents enjoy the River Walk along the San Antonio River where they can pop into a coffee shop or boutique. San Antonio is also known for its outstanding food, including Tex-Mex and BBQ. If this sounds appealing to you, hurry to get in on this scorching housing market in San Antonio.

Fort Worth

The Fort Worth market is not quite as blazing at the San Antonio market, but it is certainly on the rise. The Fort Worth market is probably a midpoint between Austin and San Antonio’s, so if you are looking for a popular city that people have a rising interest in, but the market isn’t quite out of control yet, Fort Worth may be a good option for you.

Fort Worth is located in northern central Texas and is best known for its rodeos. Rodeos take place at the Stockyards, and Fort Worth also hosts the country’s oldest rodeo, called the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Fort Worth is also home to the Kimbell Art Museum and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. If you want to get in on this hot market, there are plenty of houses for rent in Fort Worth.

If you are planning a move to Texas, and want to plant roots in a popular city, it is smart to track the housing market. If you are looking for hot cities to move to, check out Austin, San Antonia, and Fort Worth.  

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