The Ultimate Tool to Dominate Instagram Linking in The Bio

The use of social media marketing has been growing at an exponential pace, with influencer & affiliate marketing becoming such a powerful tool for brands who want to target specific demography. For instance, just by scowling through your Instagram feed, you are likely to have seen, or even shopped through, an affiliate link.

When influencers present products and invite you to “swipe up for link,” they are directing you to an affiliate link. When you end up purchasing following this link, the influencer will get a commission for the reference made to the brand.

Why you will need a tool like LinkFolio?

So, say you want to monetize your Instagram account and are considering which brands to work with and how best to manage these brands promotions due to the limitations Instagram imposes to your account. Which limitations you might be asking? It’s so frustrating that Instagram only offers one link option in your profile and that the use of URLs in the actual post is not available.

Say you represent 5 brands on your account, and each brand wants you to provide a link to their storefront, this becomes a problem because you can only put one link on to these storefronts on your Insta bio.

Putting 5 links on your social bio is a messy process as this might confuse your followers so most influencers tend to put one link at a time and this can limit revenue streams, or create a micro webpage that contains all your links and this is how the Instagram tool LinkFolio comes into the picture.

LinkFolio: The Tool to Dominate Instagram Linking

LinkFolio has come up with the most efficient solution to Instagram’s lack of hyperlinks in posts, and its app is now being used by many successful Instagrammers. LinkFolio is an ingenious solution to Instagram’s policy that doesn’t allow hyperlinks in posts.

The concept is simple yet very effective: Instagram gives a short link to place in your bio that, when clicked, navigates to a well-designed, customizable webpage with a list of links that leads to your brand’s websites. From this list of links, your followers can choose one and get directed to the content they are interested in. The LinkFolio “Link in bio tool”, supercharges your ability to house all your outbound links in one well-organized package.

Brands like to share content from blogs, websites, and PR mentions on their Instagram and LinkFolio make it easy to provide multiple (URL) options with one link in the profile, with basic click-through analytics.

LinkFolio is flawless in its approach to managing and updating Instagram bio links easily. The platform is very straight-forward and easy to use. We particularly love that the basic version still has all the tools we need as a small business to make our Instagram bio link as effective as possible without having to pay, even though we recommend upgrading because of the customization options that are available in terms of aesthetics of the link page. Analytics and design options do get better if you upgrade to a paid account.

LinkFolio provides a huge benefit for any social media strategy as it allows for, traffic segmentation in defined sections. You can drive traffic to the Web, Blog or directly to the products section of an e-commerce merchant. You are also able to use defined brand colours or logos of the brands you are representing. One other useful feature is the ability to activate and deactivate links.

This feature is useful, say you have to come to the end of a particular campaign that might be continued with on a future day, instead of deleting the link you just deactivate it till you need to reactivate it.

Who should use LinkFolio?

If you find yourself using and swapping out multiple links in your frequently, signing up for LinkFolio will be a worthwhile investment. The platform is useful for those with huge amounts of content off-Instagram.

LinkFolio is very useful for businesses that are not constantly posting new content on their Instagram accounts but want a way to link to different services. We enjoyed using it and hope you will too.

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