5 Must-Have Items to Put in Your Welcome Packet for New Clients

A new client signing on is a reason to celebrate, and rightly so. How you handle the initial stages of this new relationship is very important. You want them to feel welcome and valued, and there are a few steps to achieve this.

A welcome packet is now the accepted best practice, but what should you include? This is the first contact your new clients have with your brand. For this very reason, it needs to have some very effective communication and a hint of personal touch. Below are a few tips to reassure your new clients that they made the right choice

The Welcome Letter

The welcome letter should leave its recipient feeling appreciated and special. For this very reason, make sure you get it right. The letter should be welcoming and preferably handwritten.

Handwritten notes convey the sender’s devotion to the recipient. They are unique souvenirs that can become a treasured memory. People appreciate the time and effort involved in composing a letter.

More so now since sending an email is easier, and a handwritten note is welcome. You can enjoy the advantage of both sides by using the service of handwrytten to send a welcome message for new client. Easy to send and customized at the same time.

In your letter, thank the new client and give them all the relevant information about the product or service. Finally, include relevant contact information for your new client should they need to reach out to you.

Customer Support checklist

Never assume that your client has all the relevant information about your brand. Include as much information as humanly possible. Include  Items such as your contact information, including your physical address and logo. Do not forget to include your operating hours, company website, and social media handles. It is now common to put all this information on branded gifts such as mousepads and flash drives.

Branded Gifts

Branded gifts add a nice touch to the welcome pack, but they help convey a message. These versatile little gifts are cheap and yet so effective as media mediums. Put your logo, website, and social media handles to instill brand loyalty in your clientele.

This is through generating an experience that elicits an emotional response from the recipient, increasing their connection with your brand. Please stay away from the cheap ones, and get good quality examples that one will want to keep. While at it, find something unique and valuable instead of cheap plastic pens. I usually recommend to my clients to use service like Branded Originals for TEAM UNIFORMS, as they work like a charm.

Bespoke Customisation

Consumers like the personal touch. This gives them a feeling of importance. The days of a one solution fits all mindset are gone. Please pay attention to your clientele and provide bespoke solutions for them. If you know your client’s interests, use that to your advantage. If your client is a tech buff, you can gift them an iPad preloaded with relevant apps. This can be a gift for a later date, like at the end of the financial year. These small gestures can keep a client coming back to your brand for years to come.  

Additional Material

Look into your client’s insight and provide additional information that they could find helpful. This is a great way to upsell other products to them. For instance, if your client has just purchased your software package, there could be additional packages they might find helpful. Then teach or coach them about the advantages of using a specific type of product. This concept of educating customers before making a sale works for all kinds of industries. If you offer construction services, create articles that describe how to select materials for a project. Write the pros and cons of different designs, pictures of results from your past projects. Have checklists that make it easy for prospects to make a buying decision.

Final word

Presentation is everything, so do not forget to add a personal touch to your welcome packet. Place the welcome pack in something your clients can unwrap for dramatic effect. This could be in a gift box or some surprising packaging like a cylindrical scroll.

Creating a welcome packet for new clients requires some time and work, but it is worth it. Beginning your relationship with a new client on such a kind note should help to establish mutual trust and partnership. When customers see your eagerness to please, they will see no reason for buyer’s remorse. Additionally, welcome packets can generate referral business for you. New clients may spread the word when they observe your meticulous attention to detail and excellent customer service.

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