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Hamza Mikou Blog Premiere!

Here at My Blog, I like to talk and discuss Entrepreneurship, Startups, Digital Marketing, Branding, Freelancing and all Creative Species. And more than anything else, I like Entrepreneurs who Innovate.

But one hard part of Entrepreneurship is beyond the awesome solution you create. It’s the sharing. Coming up with great ideas, turning them down to great solutions, or picking the right team members, can be quite the challenge. And then you need the courage to hit that launch button.

To help you, I’m launching this blog called. And I will post every day here, hoping to inspire you to do the same.

I’ll have inspiring questions (and their critical answers of course), insightful interviews with rock-star Entrepreneurs and Marketers,  and fresh ways to think about Startups and Entrepreneurship. We’re doing this to help build a community of people who want to be more active members and creators.


1- Share our posts on social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.
2- Please use the hashtag HMBLOG in your social media posts, so we can keep the conversation going and to allow us to engage with you.
3- Subscribe to My Blog via email thru the sidebar, or via RSS, and you’ll start getting reminders and inspiration every day.
4- Engage with me in the discussion section.

Got it? Awesome! I’m glad you are on board.

I know it won’t be easy as it sounds, but I will make sure it will be inspiring, fun, awesome and incredible.
Therefore I’m promising to make use of the blog, and the community of other Entrepreneurs with similar goals, to help us along the way, including asking for help when we need it and encouraging others when we can.

Happy Preneur!
Hamza Mikou.

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