7 Best Tips and Tricks for Buying on eBay During the Holidays

With the holiday season now in full swing, a lot of us are well and truly in the festive mood of gift-giving. Most people have fully adopted to online shopping and for those who are still getting to grips with best practices in regarding online shopping we have come up with a list to help you navigate shopping on sites such as eBay and Postmates.

eBay is home to an enormous variety of goods and services auto parts, electronics, games, toys, clothes, makeup, luggage and a whole lot more! As a massive marketplace, eBay offers just about everything you might need or want, at great prices. eBay has great offers all the time, but with a few tips, you can maximize your savings as you figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out the tips below to save money on eBay. If you’re new to using the website, these tips to shop on eBay will boost your confidence:

1- Download the App

To get the most out of eBay we recommend you download the mobile app. In so doing you get a richer experience with a lot of customisation options that allow you to easily stay on top of your listings via eBay’s mobile app. IOS users can download the app from Apple’s App Store; Android users from Google Play. Through the app, you can search for items, keep track of watched items, place bids, as well as purchase items via Buy it Now listings.

2- Check out eBay’s home page

As simple as it might be, searching the home page of eBay is a convenient way of locating great deals. The lead banner will always show sales and other things that you’ll find attractive.

3- Check out the Deals tab

If the home page doesn’t have anything you’re interested in the Deals tab might have something more aligned to your preferences. All products on the Deals page include free shipping and guaranteed lowest prices. In the unlikely case where you find an item cheaper on another platform, eBay will match the price.

Here you’ll find everything from clothes and shoes to kitchen appliances and video games. This is the best place to shop this holiday season.

4- Set up notifications for new listings.

If you’re searching for something really specific, you might be compelled to search eBay every day for new listings till you locate them, but there’s a simpler way to keep on top of things. Simply search and click “save this search.” You will be informed via e-mail of any new listings that match the search words.

5- Check the Shipping Cost

Don’t look at the price alone; note to check the shipping costs. Many buyers offer free shipping of goods. An item with a higher price but free shipping could be better than the same item at a lower cost but with a shipping fee.

6- Discover What People Have Paid in the Past

You can quickly find out if a specific item has been sold in the past and at what costs. After you’ve been browsing, scroll down the results page to the “Show Only” section on the left. Click the “Completed Listings” checkbox to see all the final listings for the item. Prices are shown in green display goods sold at that amount; prices not shown in green have expired items that have not been sold. Tap the Sold listings checkbox to see the listings that have been sold at particular rates.

7- Using the eBay Coupons

Sign up for discount deals and coupons to save on your next eBay orders. Once you’ve signed up to receive coupons and promotions, you will be given offers to help pay for all or part of your next eBay purchase. A list of all Ebay Coupons is also available on the Slickdeals website. Slickdeals offers deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. You can also set up deal alerts to get notified of the latest deals. Also, consider downloading the Slickdeals app so you can get deals at your fingertips. They have a Slickdeals browser extension that auto applies coupons for you.

How to pay with an eBay coupon?

You can use your coupon to purchase any item on eBay as long as the deal has not expired and the item you would like to purchase meets all the conditions set out in the coupon. When you’ve found an item that you’d like to purchase, here’s how to redeem your voucher or deal at checkout:

  • In the Add Coupons portion, enter the redemption code.
  • Click Apply to see the total of your new order.
  • Choose Confirm and Pay.

Stuff to consider when you use a coupon or a discount offer:

Coupons and discount deals are only available for a limited period, so always check the expiry date.

You can use only one coupon or discount per order.

Always check the terms and conditions for a full description of the voucher or deal so that you know what is included and what is not until you check out. Coupons and discount deals cannot be moved to eBay

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