3 Steps To Prepare For Long Lock-Downs When You Are Living With Seniors

It is understood that the most vulnerable part of the population to the Corona Virus is the elderly. This has made life harder for seniors and their families. Extra care and precautions are necessary to keep your senior family members safe and healthy through this crisis. Certain measures can be taken to keep your seniors safe during the lock-down. The responsibility rests upon the young to take care of the seniors and make their lives easy during these tragic circumstances. Let’s look into a few necessary steps to prepare for long lockdowns when you are living with seniors.

Stay Sanitized and Be Careful:

The risk comes from outside, therefore, minimize your outdoor visits. Keep a supply of masks, gloves and sanitizers at home so each time you go out you can keep yourself safe. Remember, in order to keep your family safe you, yourself, must be safe first. So, keep yourself sanitized and take extra care. Do not visit the rooms of your senior family members too often and do not go directly to meet your parents or grandparents if you have been outside. Eat a healthy diet and provide a healthy diet to your family too, cook delicious meals to keep them happy. Try to buy most of your needed items online so there is a minimal risk of catching coronavirus. You can visit sites like Slickdeals.net to get great deals, promos and coupons to save your time, money while staying safe. Keep your distance, life can be really hard without grandma’s hugs and stories. But we have to keep our distance to ensure their good health.

Keep Medicines in Stock:

Most of our elders have been through a lot in their lives and have battled chronic illnesses in the past. Their bodies are weaker and more susceptible to disease. Most seniors take regular medications for a healthy life. This is important to be considered because you must keep enough medicines stored that you or the seniors won’t have to visit pharmacies.  Furthermore, keep a check on the elderly’s overall health. This is necessary because any situation where they need to visit the doctor can put them at risk of contracting Corona Virus.

You should also subscribe to any home health agency in case you need any help or advice from an expert.

Ensure their Happiness:

It is time for us to help our seniors who have spent their entire lives taking care of our needs and nurturing us. This means that we should also make sure that our elders do not get depressed or lonely at this time. Lockdown and isolation can be very challenging for mental health. This is why you should make sure that they stay connected with their friends. Give them the tools to stay connected, smartphones, tablets and teach them the basic functions. Video calling and social media help us all the time when we are bored or lonely. This will keep them busy and hopeful, although, our seniors are stronger than we are when it comes to willpower and wisdom.

Keeping seniors healthy is another issue to take care of. Make sure you help them take extra steps climbing stairs or walking between the rooms. Also take care of what they are eating, gaining weight is bad for everyone, but it may be severe for seniors. To avoid any serious issues push for healthy nutrition, baby steps movements and ensure their body fat percent is always within the normal rates.

The Elderly also tend to keep watching the news that can be detrimental for health because most news is disturbing or the same things keep on repeating. While primetime shows and headline news are okay, but taking in too much information all the time can be depressing. An alternative to this is to subscribe to streaming apps or sites such as Disney Plus to keep them entertained. Disney plus has the right mix of classic and modern that the seniors will enjoy. Furthermore, you can get Disney Plus Coupons and many other discounts and deals to enjoy without being hard on your budget. Giving them books to read or introducing them to new Disney Plus movies will keep them entertained.

Life is uncertain and we must be careful until we have vaccines available and accessible by all. It may take a month to six months for the vaccine to be available depending on where you live. So keep your spirits high and take care of your loved ones.

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