10 Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom and Improve Your Sleep

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your place of peace and restoration. It should feel that way as well. Sometimes stresses in life get in the way. You want to be able to close the door to your bedroom and leave it all behind. So the best way to ensure your bedroom is that sanctuary is an upgrade. Here are ten ways to make your bedroom the best place to reset and sleep well.

  1. Find the right bedding

The first thing you need to think of upgrading in your bedroom is where you lay your head at night. Work from the bed, mattress, pillows, and linens. When you look for a bed, they will help find a mattress for you. You can pick one that best suits your body and posture. Also, select the correct size for you and gives you enough room. A queen or kingsize bed will be ideal if you are a couple. Find one that will make you feel completely relaxed, and you can drift away.

Also, look for linens that absorb moisture like cotton and silk. These are comfortable, and you have no problem getting into a relaxed state. In summer, you need lighter linens to feel cool when you sleep. You need thicker and warmer sheets in winter, so the cold or drafts do not wake you up. You can pair your sheets with comforters or duvets to keep you cozy, almost like a hug.

  1. Control the light in your room

There is nothing that interrupts sleep like light. Usually, we have lights from all sorts of sources at night when you are trying to sleep. The one sleep recommendation is to try and make sure you are sleeping in a dark room. This way, you will have a good night’s sleep. Try to block out any light. Sometimes light can be coming in from outside. To avoid this, you can upgrade your curtains to light-blocking curtains. They will keep your room dark as night, even if you are trying to sleep during the day.

  1. Add plants for fresh air

A stuffy room can be stifling, and sometimes you can’t always open the window to bring in the fresh air. You want to sleep in a room with enough oxygen and fresh air circulating. Adding some indoor plants will ensure your space is fresh, and when you sleep, there is no stuffy air. You can get a peaceful, healthy rest. Plants also add to the room’s look, making it look natural and homier.

  1. Don’t use too many colors

When you go into the bedroom to sleep, you want to switch off, shut down and recharge. But it is challenging to do when you are in a room busy with color. Too many colors can make the brain go crazy. It isn’t easy to focus on one color as you try to wind down. Stick to one color. Look for a color that is soothing and calm. Blue or green are good as they represent nature. You will go to sleep feeling soothed.

  1. Add a fireplace

We all know that sitting in front of a fire brings a warm cozy feeling. You feel relaxed and almost dreamy. You can add a fireplace to your bedroom. It can even be an electric fireplace. Have the installation done by a professional, and it will create a cozy place for you to sleep. 

  1. Have a bedroom desk

You can add a desk to your bedroom. We are not saying to create a mini office space in your bedroom. You can use it for some more relaxing activities. If you are into journaling or writing notes to people, you can do this here. You can turn on your creative self here. There will be times when you need to wake up and do some work, but do not make it a habit. You can use your desk to store your books, depending on your latest read.

  1. De-clutter

Try not to make your bedroom where everything is. Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary. It should not also be the gym, laundry room, or storage room. Try to remove the clutter. Use other spaces in your home for everything else. It is harder to clean your bedroom when you have too much clutter. Dust can gather, and smells can develop because there isn’t enough air circulation. This means it will be hard to sleep there. When you put things away and clear your space, sleeping will be easier.

  1. Add a ceiling fan to your bedroom

Going for an air conditioner is usually a no-brainer because it cools your room, and you can control it with a remote. But a ceiling fan is just as good and has some benefits for your sleep. A ceiling fan gives you a gentle breeze while you lie in bed. It is something that helps while you sleep. The sound of the blades turning can be therapeutic and almost like a lullaby. You will find that you will sleep better. Your electricity bill also thank you for it.

  1. Try Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back, and it can bring a fantastic transformation to your room. You can pick some exciting designs with neutral colors. They have handpainted wallpaper that is unique and brings a soothing feel to the room. You can enjoy it while you rest and let your imagination carry away into sleep.

  1.   Personalize your bedroom

If you have a hobby or talent like knitting or painting, use your talent to personalize your room. If you paint a portrait, put it up on the wall. If you are good at sewing, you can make yourself a quilt for your bed. This will make this bedroom and space feel like your own. You will enjoy sleeping in a room with things you have made with your hands. It becomes a haven, and you will sleep well.

Final Word

Your bedroom should be a safe space. To improve your sleep, look to enhance your bedroom. Make it work for you, and you will wake up restful.

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